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2022-02-07 06:00 pm
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Friends Only!


Due to privacy concerns, this LJ is now friends only. If you want to read the entries, leave a comment to be added.

Thanks and have a good day!

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2012-12-23 07:01 pm

(FIC) Oh St. Christopher, Send Me a Christian Word, Send Me A Southern Wind, Send Me Back To My Kin

Title-Oh St. Christopher, Send Me A Christian Word, Send Me A Southern Wind, Send Me Back to My Kin 1/1
Author-Velocity Girl
Rating- Teen
Disclaimer-Don't own, don't sue.
Pairing/Characters-squint and you miss it Gabriel Landeskog/Semyon Varlamov, Alexander Ovechkin, Alexander Semin
Warnings-AU, Mentions of Grief, Introspection, awkward communication, loss, Alex Ovechkin. And a slight mention of werewolves and loup! verse.
Summary-Semyon's not really feeling the Christmas spirit, despite having Alex as his personal Christmas Bringer. He's not feeling it at least until Gabriel calls him and makes Christmas cheer possible in just a few words and random conversations.
Author's Notes-Written as yet another Christmas present for [personal profile] soundandvision here because I'm still an incurable optimist when it comes to Christmas and also because I'm so far away from home and loved ones and having a little joy doesn't hurt in the least. And I blame Hey Rosetta! for the idea and also the title, which is from their Christmas song of being away from home "Carry Me Home"

Also can be a standalone from the main universe of the Loup! Verse, or a loose continuation of "You Weren't Supposed To Know, But Thanks For Staying Anyways"

Oh and the sentences in brackets are them thinking of what they really want to say, but can't really, because they are emotionally stunted like that.

Carry me home, oh, Carry me home )
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2012-09-23 03:10 am

(FIC) You weren't Supposed to Know, But Thanks For Staying Anyways 1/1

Title-You Weren't Supposed To Know, But Thanks for Staying Anyways
Author-Velocity Girl
Rating-Teen and Up
Warnings-Angst, Introspection, Hurt/Comfort and grieving.
Summary-Gabriel's been raised on stories of other worldly beings and told to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open and to mind his business. It's a policy that has served him well until he stumbles upon Semyon grieving and finally gets proof that the old tales do have kernels of truth in them.
Author's Notes-I honestly didn't think I was going to write another Loup!Verse, but a comment someone made about normal players interacting and or finding out about the loup players and Gabriel was the one that came to mind to find out about the loups. So that's it for the notes. Enjoy!

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2012-08-20 05:49 pm

(FIC) Tarnishing Her Soul 1/1 (Thor and Loki)

Title-Tarnishing Her Soul

Author-Konishi_zen (aka Velocity Girl)

Rating/Warnings-Mature for references regarding violence, forced rape and pregnancy, trauma, discussions of abortion, gore and oblique reference to war, Always a girl Thor.

Characters/Pairings:Thor, Loki, Odin. Thor/Multiple Others

Disclaimer-Don't own, not mine. Only the words. Disney owns this and I just play in their sandbox

Summary- Thora, the jewel of Asgard, is kidnapped by Jotunheim in an effort to force them to return the Casket of Winter. When Asgard refuses, the nations go to war and Thora is the collateral damage despite her older brother Loki's efforts and putting them both between a rock and a hard place when facing the aftermath of Thora's captivity.

Notes: Fairly dark piece, not going to deny this. I have tried to be sensitive to the subject and not use it as a plot trope, but rather to explore how Thor(a) would be in the same situation and her emotions afterward. There are many Loki pieces dealing with this matter, but not Thor ones. Also, I wanted to explore their relationship and exactly how much they would do for each other.

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2012-01-24 11:07 am
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(FIC) No Matter How Many Lies That I live, I Will Never Regret 1/1

Title: Now Matter How Many Lies That I Live, I will Never Regret

Author-Konishi_zen (aka Velocity Girl)

Rating/Warnings-Explicit for sex between two consenting adults and court schemes. Heh.

Characters/Pairings:Loki/Lady!Thor, Fandral/Sif, Frigga/Odin

Disclaimer-Don't own, not mine. Only the words.Thor and all its properties are owned by Marvel and their associated companies. This is for fun and not profit.

Summary: Loki thinks he's the only one paying attention to Thora, that she doesn't reciprocate or know who is circling around her. She proves him wrong and for once, Loki realizes he's the one that's been caught in a game he didn't even know he was a part of.

Notes: Basically a mythology/marvel mashup in which Thor was born Thora and she and Loki are half-siblings as is the most popular tradition in the myths. Thor also has been portrayed with either red or light brown hair rather than blonde, so she's a redhead in this story and Sif hasn't gotten her hair cut off by Loki as of yet. Also, Sif and Lady! Thor have a frenemies thing going on here and she isn't as dense as she usually is portrayed as being. Personally, I think Thor isn't utterly dim, but has misplaced loyalty going on. Just my two cents on that and this story was basically born out of wondering what would be the case if Thora was actually an active participant looking at the larger picture as Loki seduces her. I did also look it up and Sweden does allow incest between adults that share one father, so Loki and Thora sleeping together wouldn't cause that much of a horror unless they were in Norway, which has VERY strict laws regarding incest. Song title borrowed from 30 Seconds to Mars "Hurricane".

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2011-10-23 12:40 am
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(FIC) I'll Follow Your Voice, All You Have To Do Is Shout It Out 1/?

Title: I'll Follow Your Voice, All You Have To Do Is Shout It Out 1/?
Author: Velocity_Girl (aka [info]konishi_zen)
Beta: [info]hankandjoel
Verse: X Men First Class
Pairing: Erik/Charles
Status: Fix-it, canonic divergence, established friendship, broken! Erik, Bruised! Charles, eventual happy-ending.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2,167
Genre: AU, Drama, Angst, Friendship, Eventual Romance.
Disclaimer: I don't own the X-men or the song quoted, which is by Rise Against. I do own a stack of comic books and hockey posters, tho.
Summary: Moira's pragmatism changes the beach showdown, leaving Erik in limbo and Charles trying to deal.
AN: I was intrigued by the idea of Moira being horribly pragmatic and planning for every eventuality that could occur on the beach. So when Erik turns on them, Moira reacts accordingly and thus changes the course of events. 


Moira's pragmatic. That has been her saving grace. Or downfall. Take your pick. )

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2011-07-27 12:48 am
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(FIC) Waiting For That Perfect Day 3/5

Title-Waiting For That Perfect Day 3/5
Author-Konishi_zen (aka Velocity Girl)
Rating/Warnings-PG and there is  just a bit of angst and introspection. Forced separation of a couple, Mpreg. Hard conversations between friends. Hopeful ending.
Characters/Pairings:Established Linus Omark/Braden Holtby. Unrequited Magnus Paajaarvi/Linus Omark, Established Sidney Crosby/Henrik Lundqvist. Joel Lundqvist. Jordan Eberle. Taylor Hall.
Summary- Henke and the rest of the wolves succeed in dealing with the Saami. Linus and Magnus are making strides, while Sidney is struggling to get Braden to him. But Linus has to ask hard questions, even if it means hurting Magnus.
Disclaimer-Don't own, not mine. Only the words. As far as I know, the NHL doesn't employ werewolves as hockey players. Song title is grabbed from "Perfect Day", song quoted is by Atmosphere's "Modern Man's Hustle"
Notes: This is a side story that isn't a direct sequel to "I Will Love You Through The Simple and the Struggle" but it does mention possible future events. It's more a story that focuses on what is going on in the Swedish territory and on the bb loups. Dedicated to [info]mishey22 , who asked for Braden/Linus in the Loup! Verse.


Cuz we're waiting for that perfect day )


I'll make you smile so I can sit and look at it )


You must hold on to anyone that loves you )
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2010-09-24 06:35 pm

So I guess I should mention what happened then

So I did end up going to the party and I was having cramps all weekend. That would explain the massive moodswings. Then my idiot neighbours made sure that my sewage tank was full. So I ended up not being to wash clothes or myself until Monday. The co-worker I had a crush on...was definitely off putting when drunk and too childish for me to really go there. I already finished baby-sitting, thanks.And yeah, I do want a baby. But I don't want a man that acts like one.

The co-worker that had the party got drunk enough to fall off a moving ATV and get herself to a hospital. Then there's office politics going hardcore, three funerals and I am getting sick. So needless to say, this week was not the highlight of my time here so far. Then the head office is refusing to get me tickets to go to Edmonton, my luggage is still missing and now I have to make a list to get some cash back.

I still haven't gotten word on whether my paperwork has been received or not and I have to replace lots of my clothes. Crud.

I also have to contact other sellers for my stuff, since it hasn't arrived yet. I love the suggestions that they give, but I will have to call and explain to them what exactly is going on.

Anyways, patience is a virtue and all that. But hell is it galling sometimes.

Writing for now, then a bath. I need something soothing, that's for sure.
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2010-09-18 04:37 pm

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna touch you

  • I'm feeling physically not that hot. I suspect that the last week is catching up to me, what with the basically seven day work-week going on and the way that the last week was just so weird. I got invited out and I am debating whether I should go and invite another co-worker to go. It's not till late, and I suspect that it might be just a bunch of people sitting around and drinking. I don't know. I mean, I just feel like lying in bed and staring at the ceiling. I feel blah and I'm just kind of wanting to burrow down and not do anything much.
  • I got some housework done, and that's pretty good. I did forget to do the laundry, but fuck it. I can always do it on Monday. LOL.
  • I'm just debating now whether I like someone more than just friends. I feel like I got blindsided by the situation and I'm kind of unsure of where to go. I'm opting for just leaving it be.
  • I'm just...I want to be alone and just do my own thing. I'm getting more reserved in my old age and even though I'm sort of torn about reaching out or staying put, I don't want to make the effort. I'm kinda just in the middle in regards to invitations.
  • I feel stripped and bare and sort of awkward at the moment and that's part of the reason why I just want to stay at home and not do much of anything, kind of thing.
  • Yeah...maybe I'll feel better later on. But for now, I just want to talk to my computer. How did that happen? LOL.
  • Anyways, that's all for now. Will nap. Maybe that will make me feel better.
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2010-09-09 08:09 pm
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Kuujjuaq! Whoooo!

FUCK TEH WHUT? I have ingested a little too much sugar today in an effort to keep up with kiddies. It's looking like I will have a capable team of minions if we keep at it that will let me realize my dream of having a baking monopoly over the north. No. I'm kidding. They were loopy today, but they were allright. I also got kudos from the boss and I have to admit that It's a different thing than when I used to work in the other town. I literally went for a year without getting anything good from my boss. The atmosphere was usually one of doom and despair and there it's so different that I'm kinda like "Whoah! Shit! Really!"

Yeah, so I gotta eat, then pack because I gotta be at the airport to go to Kuujjuaq. I'm pretty stoked about this, because it's like "It's finally here! I'm going to be really involved in something cool that I like and the school I like and it's all really cool!" I'm just a bit excited and trying to cram everything into one thing, kind of thing. I know I gotta chill, but yeah. I'm stoked.

Other than that. I created a DW under ve1ocitygir1 as a backup because LJ and the crossposting shit is just silly. There are reasons why people decide to keep the two separate. Christ.

I also got one of my shirts. The Penguin 3-in-1. Just a matter of time for the other stuff, I guess.

Yeah...hungry now. Will eat and then crash and set my alarm.

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2010-09-09 08:04 pm

Uh hey...yeah...You.

So uhm...I'm setting this up because LJ is doing the shittiest thing ever. I will import stuff over here and do a mirror thing, but I won't upload friends and stuff. I am paranoid about privacy, so yeah, I won't do a shitty thing like that here.

What a weird inagural (fucking spelling) post to have, but I suspect that's the reason so many of us will flock over here. I don't want to leave LJ. Been there for seven years and I like it. But if they're doing that stupid shit. Then no. I post usually goofy things, but I also know that some don't. So no one really needs to know what goes on here. Specially if people are hiding for a reason. Christ.

Anyways, that's all for now.

I'm hungry and I need to pack and talk with my mate. I am also getting a bit over-stimulated, so need to come down a bit.

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2010-09-07 07:45 pm
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WTF Today? Seriously!!!

Today, the day that I had less than four hours of sleep, everyone decides that they're just going to piss all over my fucking parade.

I actually make the effort to get to work early and have to deal with my co-workers. My bosses, I adore. one third of my colleagues...I know what my issues are. And quite honestly, I can understand why they are working here. Yes, we pull a decent cheque. But honestly, I wouldn't hire these guys even in the south. My friend S says to believe people when they tell you who they are. These guys have already told me they are assholes loud and clear.

I must have some karma to pay off, since I end up with these kinds quite a bit. Once again, I am thankful that I have minimal interference.

The next thing was the kids just going utterly ballistic and not wanting to do anything and being just obnoxious and crazy. I cut out one of their kitchen periods because they just weren't behaving properly. I got called a bitch and a ho and had to punish the four people actually working. I hate doing the all or nothing thing. But I was just like "This is retarded! We haven't seen each other for like three days and we are all acting like we're insane! WTF?"

So I had to pull some out and we got some baking done. I rewarded the two boys that hadn't made a peep by giving them the leftover pizza from last week. They seemed happy. I guess I kind of get irked with the other boys because these two are smaller and I don't know how well fed they are and they always get smacked around by the bigger kids. Weird. I have that "I will feed you" gene working overtime here. I guess it's all the baking and stuff we are doing.

So that made me kind of be like "Okay. It's worth it." and this one kid going to me at lunchtime "Ah! Teacher! What are you doing outside of school! Bonjour!!" I was like "WHUT?" And told him it was kind of random and he was like "That's how I roll."

And I got the clothing that I ordered from Old Navy. I mistook the shading of one of the shirts and it's purple plaid. Bring out the stereotypes! The jeans fit fantastically and the jacket is pretty cute. I am happy with the purchases. Now I have to deposit to the bank of Mom for that and more clothes that are hopefully coming soon. And I am making some headway into the suitcase searching. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the waybill number that I found on one of the boxes matching up. Because the original waybill is buried under a mountain of paper on someone's desk and it will take a while to track it. I get an answer on Friday.

Okay. The day wasn't that bad. But considering I ache and had weird dreams all the weekend, I was a little eerghng. Tomorrow is an easier day and I can get some stuff done on my long to do list. I gotta get the money order cuz my fucking cheques haven't arrived yet and I gotta go to the mayor's office tomorrow. It should be doable.

I've been writing like a fiend lately and I am pleased! I even started another short one yesterday on top of the other stuff I have been writing. I guess I was so unsettled that I needed to write it out somehow. I am hoping to have Chapter 8 done by the end of the week. We'll see.

And yes. I did break down and bought the case of series 25 of the SPs. I just wanted a treat, kind of thing. I am still waiting to see when The 12 inch Ovie and Sid will start being shipped out. I be excited and yes, I know I am too old and too female to be playing with toys...but a girl needs a hobby.

On that note, I am just waiting for the advil to kick in for my sore knee and back and writing at least another page or two before I call it a night. I am beat.

It was just a day...but some parts were just groan worthy.
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2010-09-06 09:34 pm

Monday and I need to get my head in the game

I got totally emo in the afternoon. No actual fucking reason until I remembered that I hadn't really eaten much other than toast and some yogurt when I finally decided to start my day today.  I paid for the negligence by a pounding headache that despite the awesome dinner and a Pepsi, is still plaguing me. I did talk to people about the situation. I think too, just weird dreams got me tripped out too. And I didn't really interact with too many people this weekend. Yeah, I called people and I went out, but that was it.

I gotta get my head back into the game for Tuesday. It's always one of those erk days that I have on the schedule and I gotta be totally ready for it. I did do the work that I was planning to do this weekend and that's all good. I also got a shitload of writing done. Nearly done the last part of the fic I was working on. And finished a standalone also. I've also got a lot on my novel, so that makes me happy, since I wasn't just consuming. I also got a pic done today and got some of my books arranged.

It's hard, because I know that I have three real days of work in the week. If the weather holds, I go to Kujjuaq on Friday. The winds haven't been bad today. And the forecast looks clear. We'll see.

That's all for today. It's sort of boring this weekend, so I'm logging off.
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2010-09-04 06:38 pm
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Long weekend

So hey, been awhile. Nothing much has changed, to tell the truth. I got back to work on Thursday and I got stuff in the mail from my friend. I've been looking at my Amazon and Old Navy Orders and I'm really crossing my fingers that the stuff arrives here quickly. I broke down and bought socks from the Co-op. They weren't horribly pricey and they were black. Good enough for me, because I think I only have a few pairs left. Yes. My bag is STILL missing. I got some more information and hopefully it can be located sometime soon. Or else they have to replace the fucker and if they give me less than 400$, I will be pissed, because a lot of my t-shirts and hoodies and bras and jeans and nice dresses are there and they cost more than just a couple of hundred dollars.

My knee is still touch and go. I can stand and walk around on it for longer periods of time, but there is still swelling and it feels a bit tight. I am not going cross-country hiking, that's for sure.

I got groceries today and cleaned up the bathroom and hoovered the floor. I'm also moving out of the silly room. The bed in the other room is much more comfortable and there's more closet space. I'm doing it in stages and I just have to move my desk area and the posters and it will be more or less done. I'm not going to overdo it though.

Writing and just hanging out is my main goal for the weekend. And surfing the net, of course. The net is always my friend. LOL. I know there's parties going on, but fuck it. I just want to enjoy my time and not have the same awkward conversations over and over again. I don't drink and I'm sort of awkward because I don't know the undercurrents, so I'm kind of glad to be doing my own thing at the moment, thanks.

Three days of classes next week! Weather permitting, I should be in Kuujjuaq on Friday! I'm so excited because I really want to be part of this program and I want to see my friends again and I'm feeling pretty good and optimistic all in all.

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2010-09-02 06:27 pm
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Writer's Block: School daze

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I've been teaching for like two weeks now (Northern Schools get to start earlier and end earlier. One of the awesome benefits of being up in the Arctic.Well, the paying 1.60$ for a can of pop sort of sucks, but otherwise, not bad)  and I would have to say that I would be looking for new employment if I had negative connotations with the new school year.

I just see it as a chance to get to know new kids and start again, kind of thing as well as work on my teaching skills and build up on past experiences. I guess the attitude that you bring to a place is what totally changes it for you. I tend to have a half a smirk when it comes to dealing with chaos all around me. Partly because I find the humour in the situation and partly because I know that there's nothing that can't be contained in a classroom and handled with antibacterial soap.

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2010-09-02 01:10 am

LJ own notes on this

Although I leave this LJ open for my non-LJ friend to catch up with me, (I lock entries after a couple of weeks though) I keep it separate from my other FB and Twitter posts (I also lock twitter, to tell the truth) but I want to assure all my LJ friends that I won't use the features and I don't want anyone to use them for anything I post here. I simply don't want any problems with my work life and other friends. Most of the stuff I post here can be considered harmless, but I do post some sensitive stuff and I don't want it to cause me or anyone problems.

I am hoping LJ will change their mind about that, because it does make this unsafe.

So no crossposting of my stuff and I won't crosspost either. I am paranoid as fuck, so I can imagine others here are too.

That's it.

PS-Bought a retro Carbonneau shirt today. I have to buy a new wardrobe since my luggage is still lost and I can only rotate so many shirts, kind of thing. And I'm switching allegiance from the Oilers to the Habs and Sabres. I am tired of being affiliated with that mess.
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2010-09-01 01:50 pm
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Off day

I screwed up my knee jumping from the truck. It's the old injury, but the jumping and being run down (I worked on Sunday, so even though on the calendar it's Wednesday, I felt like it should have been Thursday) and also catching something because I don't have my layering hoodies (yeah, my luggage is still horribly lost. I have almost nearly given up on it, to tell the truth. It also does give me an excuse to buy new hockey hoodies and shirts) so I woke up barely able to walk, exhausted and sniffling.

I called in sick and it was all right, despite feeling fucking guilty about the situation. But considering that I was moving like I was 80, what was the point of coming in and not doing a good job of it? I'm hoping that with the rest I'll be back to near normal tomorrow. I can walk more and even though my knee feels a bit puffy, I can bend it and with a bit more rest, I should be clear-headed for tomorrow.

I'm feeling better now, but I'm sneezing now because of the cold I'm starting to catch. Or maybe it was the exhaustion. I don't know. Either way, it's better that I stay put rather than try to suck it up and make it worse.

I kind of am wondering though why the hell my brain decided that having dreams about Ovechkin and Theodore (Okay, those were kind of nice and sweet, oddly enough) and then me having a relationship with Patrick Kane would be appropriate when I'm not feeling 100%. I woke up and was like "What the hell?"

Yeah, that was my excitement when I woke up this morning. Fun times.

I'm probably going to go to sleep and wish that the order I put in with Old Navy gets here fast. I got a fall coat  (along with jeans and a couple of long sleeved shirts)and here's hoping it comes soon. I'm fucking freezing and my big wool coat kind of seems not to be the right coat for the location.

The other interesting thing is that we're having a wind warning in effect. There's something going on with the systems in the Hudson's Bay, so we are getting 90 kph winds. I am so happy to be indoors at the moment, that's for sure.

Going to nap now.
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2010-08-31 08:10 pm
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Writer's Block: That's the way love goes

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Well, when you're old enough to be someone's mother or's too much of an age difference in my opinion. But then, you can have no age difference and not have things work out. I have dated younger people and older people and on average, the age difference doesn't matter as long as the two have the same goals, values and ideals.

That's basically what makes or breaks a relationship. No common goals or meetings, then no real relationship can be built. Age is nothing but a number, as Aaliyah sang. It's true if the important things are there. The most serious relationships I had were with people younger than me, but we had a lot in common and got along with each other well until it was time to move on.
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2010-08-29 09:24 pm

Working on Sunday...not fun times.

It was necessary, due to the short time frame, but the exhaustion and soreness is starting to catch up to me, kind of thing. I really have to sleep before midnight tonight. I mean, I learned a lot of things today and it was very informal, but educational and I get more of what I'm supposed to be doing in regards to an end goal. Settling in first, practice second and production third.

I also need groceries and I have a guest. I am trying to be a good host. I really hope that is the case at the end of it all. She leaves on Wednesday and I am needing to get groceries. I forget that other people do like to eat. I tend to skimp on my food.

Have to start ordering more groceries now and I really will get to the bathroom soon. I need to shower tonight so that it's not taking up time in the morning. I really need to get in there to do some stuff in the morning and to get my tea intake in.

Going to start part 8 of the fic (last part) and a few more I've got in my head.

Second week, here we come!
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2010-08-27 11:00 pm
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The Weekend is here!

I am beat in a good way! Even though I relied on sugar and caffeine (my best friends now. God, if I didn't have cups of King Cole tea during the day, I would pass out) I was all nice and perky and it went smoothly with the kids. I guess that since I am used to all holy hell breaking loose, that a few glitches (like hiding in closets, hot glue in locks and being threatened by people shorter than me is meh to me) are okay by me.

I'm cross-eyed because I need to get back into the swing of things. I am okay with the situation and myself and the people around here. I don't know how things are going to work, but I refure to get out there and worry about them. I don't know what the future will hold, but it will just have to take care of itself. That's about it, kind of thing.

Still no word on my bag. I will call. I also need to get more paperwork done. Monday will come soon enough so that i can take care of it there. It will be done. I just have to have faith and be patient.

I think I will crash soon. It's been a long week and I need to mellow out, meditate and just zen out.