Sep. 9th, 2010

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So uhm...I'm setting this up because LJ is doing the shittiest thing ever. I will import stuff over here and do a mirror thing, but I won't upload friends and stuff. I am paranoid about privacy, so yeah, I won't do a shitty thing like that here.

What a weird inagural (fucking spelling) post to have, but I suspect that's the reason so many of us will flock over here. I don't want to leave LJ. Been there for seven years and I like it. But if they're doing that stupid shit. Then no. I post usually goofy things, but I also know that some don't. So no one really needs to know what goes on here. Specially if people are hiding for a reason. Christ.

Anyways, that's all for now.

I'm hungry and I need to pack and talk with my mate. I am also getting a bit over-stimulated, so need to come down a bit.

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FUCK TEH WHUT? I have ingested a little too much sugar today in an effort to keep up with kiddies. It's looking like I will have a capable team of minions if we keep at it that will let me realize my dream of having a baking monopoly over the north. No. I'm kidding. They were loopy today, but they were allright. I also got kudos from the boss and I have to admit that It's a different thing than when I used to work in the other town. I literally went for a year without getting anything good from my boss. The atmosphere was usually one of doom and despair and there it's so different that I'm kinda like "Whoah! Shit! Really!"

Yeah, so I gotta eat, then pack because I gotta be at the airport to go to Kuujjuaq. I'm pretty stoked about this, because it's like "It's finally here! I'm going to be really involved in something cool that I like and the school I like and it's all really cool!" I'm just a bit excited and trying to cram everything into one thing, kind of thing. I know I gotta chill, but yeah. I'm stoked.

Other than that. I created a DW under ve1ocitygir1 as a backup because LJ and the crossposting shit is just silly. There are reasons why people decide to keep the two separate. Christ.

I also got one of my shirts. The Penguin 3-in-1. Just a matter of time for the other stuff, I guess.

Yeah...hungry now. Will eat and then crash and set my alarm.



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