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Title-You Weren't Supposed To Know, But Thanks for Staying Anyways
Author-Velocity Girl
Rating-Teen and Up
Warnings-Angst, Introspection, Hurt/Comfort and grieving.
Summary-Gabriel's been raised on stories of other worldly beings and told to keep his mouth shut and his eyes open and to mind his business. It's a policy that has served him well until he stumbles upon Semyon grieving and finally gets proof that the old tales do have kernels of truth in them.
Author's Notes-I honestly didn't think I was going to write another Loup!Verse, but a comment someone made about normal players interacting and or finding out about the loup players and Gabriel was the one that came to mind to find out about the loups. So that's it for the notes. Enjoy!

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Title-Waiting For That Perfect Day 3/5
Author-Konishi_zen (aka Velocity Girl)
Rating/Warnings-PG and there is  just a bit of angst and introspection. Forced separation of a couple, Mpreg. Hard conversations between friends. Hopeful ending.
Characters/Pairings:Established Linus Omark/Braden Holtby. Unrequited Magnus Paajaarvi/Linus Omark, Established Sidney Crosby/Henrik Lundqvist. Joel Lundqvist. Jordan Eberle. Taylor Hall.
Summary- Henke and the rest of the wolves succeed in dealing with the Saami. Linus and Magnus are making strides, while Sidney is struggling to get Braden to him. But Linus has to ask hard questions, even if it means hurting Magnus.
Disclaimer-Don't own, not mine. Only the words. As far as I know, the NHL doesn't employ werewolves as hockey players. Song title is grabbed from "Perfect Day", song quoted is by Atmosphere's "Modern Man's Hustle"
Notes: This is a side story that isn't a direct sequel to "I Will Love You Through The Simple and the Struggle" but it does mention possible future events. It's more a story that focuses on what is going on in the Swedish territory and on the bb loups. Dedicated to [info]mishey22 , who asked for Braden/Linus in the Loup! Verse.


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