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I've been teaching for like two weeks now (Northern Schools get to start earlier and end earlier. One of the awesome benefits of being up in the Arctic.Well, the paying 1.60$ for a can of pop sort of sucks, but otherwise, not bad)  and I would have to say that I would be looking for new employment if I had negative connotations with the new school year.

I just see it as a chance to get to know new kids and start again, kind of thing as well as work on my teaching skills and build up on past experiences. I guess the attitude that you bring to a place is what totally changes it for you. I tend to have a half a smirk when it comes to dealing with chaos all around me. Partly because I find the humour in the situation and partly because I know that there's nothing that can't be contained in a classroom and handled with antibacterial soap.

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Well, when you're old enough to be someone's mother or's too much of an age difference in my opinion. But then, you can have no age difference and not have things work out. I have dated younger people and older people and on average, the age difference doesn't matter as long as the two have the same goals, values and ideals.

That's basically what makes or breaks a relationship. No common goals or meetings, then no real relationship can be built. Age is nothing but a number, as Aaliyah sang. It's true if the important things are there. The most serious relationships I had were with people younger than me, but we had a lot in common and got along with each other well until it was time to move on.


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