Sep. 4th, 2010

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So hey, been awhile. Nothing much has changed, to tell the truth. I got back to work on Thursday and I got stuff in the mail from my friend. I've been looking at my Amazon and Old Navy Orders and I'm really crossing my fingers that the stuff arrives here quickly. I broke down and bought socks from the Co-op. They weren't horribly pricey and they were black. Good enough for me, because I think I only have a few pairs left. Yes. My bag is STILL missing. I got some more information and hopefully it can be located sometime soon. Or else they have to replace the fucker and if they give me less than 400$, I will be pissed, because a lot of my t-shirts and hoodies and bras and jeans and nice dresses are there and they cost more than just a couple of hundred dollars.

My knee is still touch and go. I can stand and walk around on it for longer periods of time, but there is still swelling and it feels a bit tight. I am not going cross-country hiking, that's for sure.

I got groceries today and cleaned up the bathroom and hoovered the floor. I'm also moving out of the silly room. The bed in the other room is much more comfortable and there's more closet space. I'm doing it in stages and I just have to move my desk area and the posters and it will be more or less done. I'm not going to overdo it though.

Writing and just hanging out is my main goal for the weekend. And surfing the net, of course. The net is always my friend. LOL. I know there's parties going on, but fuck it. I just want to enjoy my time and not have the same awkward conversations over and over again. I don't drink and I'm sort of awkward because I don't know the undercurrents, so I'm kind of glad to be doing my own thing at the moment, thanks.

Three days of classes next week! Weather permitting, I should be in Kuujjuaq on Friday! I'm so excited because I really want to be part of this program and I want to see my friends again and I'm feeling pretty good and optimistic all in all.



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