Sep. 2nd, 2010

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Although I leave this LJ open for my non-LJ friend to catch up with me, (I lock entries after a couple of weeks though) I keep it separate from my other FB and Twitter posts (I also lock twitter, to tell the truth) but I want to assure all my LJ friends that I won't use the features and I don't want anyone to use them for anything I post here. I simply don't want any problems with my work life and other friends. Most of the stuff I post here can be considered harmless, but I do post some sensitive stuff and I don't want it to cause me or anyone problems.

I am hoping LJ will change their mind about that, because it does make this unsafe.

So no crossposting of my stuff and I won't crosspost either. I am paranoid as fuck, so I can imagine others here are too.

That's it.

PS-Bought a retro Carbonneau shirt today. I have to buy a new wardrobe since my luggage is still lost and I can only rotate so many shirts, kind of thing. And I'm switching allegiance from the Oilers to the Habs and Sabres. I am tired of being affiliated with that mess.
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I've been teaching for like two weeks now (Northern Schools get to start earlier and end earlier. One of the awesome benefits of being up in the Arctic.Well, the paying 1.60$ for a can of pop sort of sucks, but otherwise, not bad)  and I would have to say that I would be looking for new employment if I had negative connotations with the new school year.

I just see it as a chance to get to know new kids and start again, kind of thing as well as work on my teaching skills and build up on past experiences. I guess the attitude that you bring to a place is what totally changes it for you. I tend to have a half a smirk when it comes to dealing with chaos all around me. Partly because I find the humour in the situation and partly because I know that there's nothing that can't be contained in a classroom and handled with antibacterial soap.



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