Sep. 24th, 2010

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So I did end up going to the party and I was having cramps all weekend. That would explain the massive moodswings. Then my idiot neighbours made sure that my sewage tank was full. So I ended up not being to wash clothes or myself until Monday. The co-worker I had a crush on...was definitely off putting when drunk and too childish for me to really go there. I already finished baby-sitting, thanks.And yeah, I do want a baby. But I don't want a man that acts like one.

The co-worker that had the party got drunk enough to fall off a moving ATV and get herself to a hospital. Then there's office politics going hardcore, three funerals and I am getting sick. So needless to say, this week was not the highlight of my time here so far. Then the head office is refusing to get me tickets to go to Edmonton, my luggage is still missing and now I have to make a list to get some cash back.

I still haven't gotten word on whether my paperwork has been received or not and I have to replace lots of my clothes. Crud.

I also have to contact other sellers for my stuff, since it hasn't arrived yet. I love the suggestions that they give, but I will have to call and explain to them what exactly is going on.

Anyways, patience is a virtue and all that. But hell is it galling sometimes.

Writing for now, then a bath. I need something soothing, that's for sure.


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