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I got totally emo in the afternoon. No actual fucking reason until I remembered that I hadn't really eaten much other than toast and some yogurt when I finally decided to start my day today.  I paid for the negligence by a pounding headache that despite the awesome dinner and a Pepsi, is still plaguing me. I did talk to people about the situation. I think too, just weird dreams got me tripped out too. And I didn't really interact with too many people this weekend. Yeah, I called people and I went out, but that was it.

I gotta get my head back into the game for Tuesday. It's always one of those erk days that I have on the schedule and I gotta be totally ready for it. I did do the work that I was planning to do this weekend and that's all good. I also got a shitload of writing done. Nearly done the last part of the fic I was working on. And finished a standalone also. I've also got a lot on my novel, so that makes me happy, since I wasn't just consuming. I also got a pic done today and got some of my books arranged.

It's hard, because I know that I have three real days of work in the week. If the weather holds, I go to Kujjuaq on Friday. The winds haven't been bad today. And the forecast looks clear. We'll see.

That's all for today. It's sort of boring this weekend, so I'm logging off.


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