Jan. 24th, 2012

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Title: Now Matter How Many Lies That I Live, I will Never Regret

Author-Konishi_zen (aka Velocity Girl)

Rating/Warnings-Explicit for sex between two consenting adults and court schemes. Heh.

Characters/Pairings:Loki/Lady!Thor, Fandral/Sif, Frigga/Odin

Disclaimer-Don't own, not mine. Only the words.Thor and all its properties are owned by Marvel and their associated companies. This is for fun and not profit.

Summary: Loki thinks he's the only one paying attention to Thora, that she doesn't reciprocate or know who is circling around her. She proves him wrong and for once, Loki realizes he's the one that's been caught in a game he didn't even know he was a part of.

Notes: Basically a mythology/marvel mashup in which Thor was born Thora and she and Loki are half-siblings as is the most popular tradition in the myths. Thor also has been portrayed with either red or light brown hair rather than blonde, so she's a redhead in this story and Sif hasn't gotten her hair cut off by Loki as of yet. Also, Sif and Lady! Thor have a frenemies thing going on here and she isn't as dense as she usually is portrayed as being. Personally, I think Thor isn't utterly dim, but has misplaced loyalty going on. Just my two cents on that and this story was basically born out of wondering what would be the case if Thora was actually an active participant looking at the larger picture as Loki seduces her. I did also look it up and Sweden does allow incest between adults that share one father, so Loki and Thora sleeping together wouldn't cause that much of a horror unless they were in Norway, which has VERY strict laws regarding incest. Song title borrowed from 30 Seconds to Mars "Hurricane".

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