Aug. 26th, 2010

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The wind has been howling here something awful the entire day, to tell the truth. Everyone got paid, so that was a yay! kind of thing. I know I was happy! I can start paying off stuff. I paid off my Virgin Mobile bill and I still have to call those fuckers to see what's going on with my refund, since they couldn't give me any answers on that the last time I spoke to them.

I also still am dealing with my idiot school board and that's a bit of a headache. I will just start gathering the paperwork from the Alberta Teacher's association and the UofA and get my passport sorted out now that I do have the money to get that done. Hopefully they will stop having shitfits about my birth certificate. Ergh.

Today was good for me since I only had them for three classes and I got the core that behaves and does work, even though I have to chase them down and tell them to get out of the closet, (there's one with a washing machine and dryer, so they try to hide in there. Why? I don't know) but they really did a good job with the cookies (simple sugar cookies, but we managed to sell some to the boys running around in the hall) and I was so proud of them. They exasperate me and they are kind of gross with the spitting and picking their noses, but they are sort of cute and make me laugh somewhat. Odd how that goes.

Pizza tomorrow. I think. I don't know how it will go, but i am hoping that it somehow works out. I want to give them a bit of a treat...nah.

Anyways, it's been sort of dark, but okay. I know all I talk about is work, but yeah, that's the path I chose and it's hard work...but when they do something well and when they are proud of's kind of nice, ya know?

One bag is still missing and I am counting down the weeks until Kuujjuaq! Fun times!

One more part to the Sharpie/Jono fic and then...I dunno. I just dunno.

I also have set up my paypal account and I need to pay off and close my Royal Bank account. I don't want to ever deal with those guys again. When I get to Kujjuaq, I'm opening a Desjardin or CIBC account. Fuck it.

And that's all for now. Cheers!


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