Aug. 24th, 2010

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I was very lucky in that I got a little breather time today before I got to see my students. It was actually good for all of us, since they came more determined to work well before going to the kitchen. They produced evil cookies, but behaved much better than yesterday. Although a couple of the girls freaked at me when I took their camera away after telling them repeatedly that they are not allowed in the classroom. I am guessing she will come tomorrow if just for the camera. I honestly need to enforce rules and although it's not my favourite part of the job, I did learn the lesson that if I try to be nice, it will cause chaos later.

It's also a hell of a lot easier than dealing with a ton of boys bigger and way more rambunctious than these guys. I still remember that my first month in the Scheff had me kicking out at least three kids and getting filthy innuendoes thrown at me non-stop. Gad. So yes, it is tiring, but I have seen the future brother and it is murder. LOL. But yeah. Most of them here are a little immature and teeny, so yes, they go nuts, but they are easier to herd along if things go odd.

I am keeping in touch with a lot of the other teachers and we are comparing notes and trading info and it seems like it's all across the board with all of us. It's the testing time. I figure that it will continue till October. It is a transition, that's for sure.

I also have a phone now! I am well connected now and I am glad of it. I need to have that human contact and it has served me better so far than before. Even if it's just writing emails or on LJ.

The crying jag was like an "Ok, I so needed it." and has gone. I am also guessing it was the hormones. Travelling and the North always causes me some kind of hormonal stress and I don't think I had cried in ages. But it passed and I am on a more even keel. More tired, yes. I think it's the drop in the atmosphere. I always sleep when it rains.

There will be rain the rest of the week. I am thinking that I will have to sleep earlier than I have been doing lately.

One more hour, me thinks then sleep.

Off to read Ovie fics. LOL


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