Aug. 21st, 2010

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Today was a different day altogether in that it was sunny! I hadn't seen the sun for almost a week and I did miss it. I went to do some work and then went and sat on the coastline and just enjoyed the weather. It was beautiful and I took pictures and updated my blog. It was a lovely counterpoint to last night's mild douchebaggery, which follows in the cut below:

This is NOT my parade )
Other than that, I managed to get my cleaning done and put clothes away that arrived this last Wednesday. Still waiting on my bag, but I think it will show up in time. It's not a serious, holy shit emergency, but I do need to have the other hoodies and t-shirts that I have in that bag sometime soon. Well, it just means that I will re-buy my favourite hockey shirts and hoodies. But i think it will come.

I did have a lovely talk with A about everything under the sun and I told her about the hockey program and I am still excited about the situation. I am such a bloody fangirl that I am all like "WHOAH! I'm going to be working with Joè Juneau!!" and also looking forward to going to Kuujjuaq to get that training and see how I can get stuff sorted out here and there.

I am also enlisting someone to make me an amautiq with the tails and the hood. Here's a link to show what I am talking about: Amauti info.People are joking that I can carry my groceries in it and then my twins afterwards. I am like "Unless I open my closet and find Sheldon Souray or Crosby or Tootoo or Ovechkin, I highly doubt it" But yeah, I hope I can get it made in black with silver, black, red and white piping.

So yeah, that's it for now. Off to read crap and maybe watch some boxed sets of Dr. Who or Moonlight. I'm in a better mood now that I talked about the situation and I won't dwell on it, because it's not my stuff. I know who I am and where I stand. That's all that matters.


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