Aug. 19th, 2010

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I'm tired again today. It was all about movement. Getting stuff to make with the kids, thinking up projects, cleaning up all the stuff that accumulated and wasn't needed and on and on and on. I need to photocopy stuff for Monday and plan everything for the rest of the week. I also need to get stuff done for the week after, since I will be again in Kuujjuaq for the weekend of mid-September. Shit. I can't believe that it will be September soon. I mean, I know that it's bound to happen, but Christ!

This time last year, I was just trying to get back on my feet and on with my life after being smacked down so hard that it took me a couple of months to get my shit together to actually go and do something productive...and now...I'm working and planning things and trying to figure out how to run things well and smoothly. And looking for banana bread recipes. LOL.

I've also been fancying Alex Ovechkin something awful again. It's his eyes and yeah...I am in a small town, so fancying Ovechkin is the only cure for being in the small town area. It doesn't bother me. It's just the way it is.

I am actually going to just goof off a bit longer and then I'll lie down for a nap. I'm exhausted and I really should be sleeping more than I have been lately.

But yeah, I'm happy about today. I have cheesecake! Whoot!


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