Aug. 18th, 2010

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 i had a pretty good day about setting up my work area. Some of my co-workers though...I honestly don't know what lesson I am supposed to learn in regards to these people, but holy fuck...I am just like "They seriously HAVE people like you around still?" I am seriously getting a not so great picture of one of our provinces. And no, it's not either Ontario or Quebec. I am just going to stay the fuck away, because I know ignorance can be remedied...but sometimes I wonder if it can be changed if it's that deeply set. And I always have to wonder why the good looking men are the biggest douchebags, ever. At least it only took an exchange of about 15 minutes for me to realize this and turn tail to flee.

The douchebag and mrs douchebag are my neighbours. So once again, I seriously am wondering what I am supposed to be learning from the situation here. Time will tell, I guess.

Had a long conversation with S and she agreed that there has been progress made in regards to the radar of douchebaggery. I am trying to refrain from being a) paranoid and b) passive-aggressive in the situation. I am also glad that i don't have to interact much with these people. I am actually okay with the possibility of not really having homies here. I got my circle of friends and I will continue to cultivate them instead of, to quote Morrisey "Waste valuable time with people who don't care if I live or die."

Tomorrow is another day and I will spend it working more. I am still not sure as to what the hell to do next week when school starts, but things will work out one way or another. I am positive in that sense.

Just a few more minutes of goofing off on the net and then sleep.



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