Aug. 17th, 2010

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  • I didn't update here, but I updated my blog. *Shakes head* Heh. I just don't want to NOT do it consistently. I tried one for the Scheff and it all ended up here anyways. I will post a link up in my Profile for those who want to see it, because it's cool and it has ZOMG! Pics!
  • The other reason was that I've been kind of feeling...weird. Not bad weird, but "I gotta evaluate this shit" weird. I like twitter and I like tumblr and blogs...but I don't know...not as fun as they used to be. I love going on them and seeing the things that are there, but it's not like it used to be. Maybe because I've got a job now that it's starting to fall by the wayside? I don't know.
  • The other thing is that I am going to wear a few more different hats here. I am teaching basically a vocational component that is project based, rather than full on academics. I am in a new town and I am the newly appointed academic adviser for the hockey program, which means promoting, keeping reports, selecting kids and flying out to the capital of Nunavik to do workshops for the program. I will also do library duties on top of that, since it's part of my job agreement. That's going to keep me busy and I am happy about that. I want to make it work as well as I can possibly make it and be a good example. I am living in the town where I will work. It's different than before.
  • I have met a few of the other teachers and one has got me just hissing and recoiling in the warning thing. I guess it was because I saw her when I was walking and I had to do something at the post office, since i have just gotten a PO box. She wasn't warm or friendly at all until I told her I was teaching. She then got friendly. But it made me go cold towards her. I did get proof that I can pass for Inuk. (I had people address me in Inuktitut yesterday already. It was interesting. They speak it pretty fast here) and I can't help but to just wonder why my radar was all off the mark with that girl. And I have a suspicion that it was because she may have thought I was a transplant from another community. She tried to test me by asking where I had worked before and I could see she was like "oh" when I told her this was my 4rth year in a Northern community, 5th year teaching and I did the South Korea stint. Moral of the story-don't fucking judge people. You will get more than you have bargained for.
  • Other than that, the rawness and the feeling of the land being so primal has got me entranced. The waters on the Hudson Bay are so dark blue and tempest-tossed today that I can't help but to stare at them in wonder. The coastline is quite beautiful in its own way. I just love it close it feels to the earth and how the rocks are like the bones of the land, you know?
  • Have almost finished unpacking. Put up the posters today. I will see about getting shelves to put up my collection. In time. Started writing more on the penultimate part. Will hopefully tie it up soon.
  • That's all for now.


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