Aug. 15th, 2010

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  • I once again should be sleeping. But I am up telling everyone I made it to the Pov safe (I love how I always end up in a hood town with it's own nickname) and that I have set up a Blog on blogspot. It's called Hanging in the Pov and yeah, check it. It's not as personal as the El-jay, but it's got it's own flavour.
  • Arctic Char made my house smell...burned incense and so far it has worked. Will continue until it stops smelling.
  • I cleaned my duplex from top to bottom and have more or less finished packing. I worked my ass off, but I'm still going to have to do some more work here and there.
  • I'm exhausted. The early flight and the work I put in the house have wiped me out. But i couldn't live in a nasty, dirty house. But I got proof that Vim really is a fantastic cleaning product.
  • Going to bed now. Will have more details and pics later. I am still like "WUT?" after flying so damned close to the North Pole and the fact that I am now living North of 60!
  • Gotta get to bed.
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  • I slept till late. I was just very sore and tired from all the activity yesterday. I almost got most of my stuff unpacked and the house is clean enough that I don't feel disgusted walking around in it. I am sleeping in a room that was painted by parents for a child and I am debating painting it over or leaving it as such. I don't really give a fuck, but it would be awkward to explain it to visitors.
  • I am currently trying to decide if I want to set up my office/workspace area downstairs or in my bedroom. I think the net is better up here, but i don't want to just hole up in my room. I will have all of my paperwork and art supplies down there. Gotta get used to the fact that I have a shitload of room now.
  • I do have to see about spreading out the posters and stuff. I know I will get more prints, but gotta plan that out a little better.
  • My sewage tank is totally full. I gotta wait till tomorrow for the truck to come and empty it. I am so pissed at the guy that lived here. Not only was it reeking of fish, he also left the place FILTHY and overflowing with garbage in the kitchen and in the bathroom. That was why I took so long to get it all sorted out. He did leave some food though. LOL.Now I gotta figure out what to do with the frozen fish in my freezer.
  • I will try and get something written, but I highly doubt it. Just not in the right frame of mind at the moment and all the moving around has left me sort of at odds and not interested at the moment. I want to write about being back in the North. I hate to admit it, but it does get under your skin. I know that sounds sort of weird to say, since I was born so far from this place...but yeah...I can't fully go away from it. Everywhere I go, I always think I can go back to the North. I don't know what it is about this place, but that's how I feel now that I am back here.
  • Going to watch tv or something. Cheers.


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