Aug. 13th, 2010

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Really should be asleep, but I'm kind of wound up today. I met a girl who is like besties with this witch at my last workplace (the naked psycho one that hit on me when we were at a party) and I was like I'm not impressed, I won't talk about her either, since she's your BFF. Now I'm just like eergh, because I wonder if the chick will ask her friend about me and get a pack of lies that could potentially affect my work.

And as I typed that, I realized that I am just totally giving myself too much importance in this girl's life. Not to mention that it's not my problem. Yep. There we go. End of that.

But I had to tell others about it because out of all things and places...yeah. Like WTF?

Anyways, I'm again in the North and so far, it's been an amazing blast. I will expand this later. I really need to get to bed now. I uploaded a ton of pics on FB for all to enjoy and today was a long and cool day...except for that weird-ass glitch.

I'm cool here. I am feeling the old work ethic and challenge come back again and although I am nervous...I will show up and do my best.

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  • I'm a little cross-eyed from being tired at the moment. I gotta get to bed at around ten, because we have to leave really early for the airport to get to our town on the West coast of the Hudson Bay. I am not kidding. I am in the Arctic. Seriously. The mosquitoes are fierce as are the blackflies and so on and so on.
  • I am going to be packing up soon and getting some shit sorted out here and there. We leave EARLY tomorrow and I think it would make sense to take a shower today rather than wait till the early morning. I have a sneaking suspicion that I won't get the time to do it tomorrow, so I have to get all cleaned up and ready. And my hair will have to suffer it's hippy status for a few days longer.
  • My boxes got there on time and I am happy! I have to just set up the home-space and be prepped for the Wednesday and whatnot.
  • The irony of ironies in regards to how small the world is. I spoke about the crazy cow that I worked with and how I ran into her BFF. The girl didn't approach me today and we found out that she's stressed because she will be teaching elementary rather than secondary and she's freaking out about it. I figure that she won't have time to do stuff...and it's not my problem either way. That was such a screwy scene that no one will look good in the long run. So yeah.
  • Spoke with S and we had a good long conversation and I am glad that I have been more aware and more conscious of what's going on around me.
  • I will be setting up a blog about my town. Stay tuned. Anyways, I really have to get going here. I need to start shoving stuff in bags and I need to shower tonight. I have a feeling I won't get the chance tomorrow.
  • Next entry: The 60th parallel.
  • Night.


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