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Today, the day that I had less than four hours of sleep, everyone decides that they're just going to piss all over my fucking parade.

I actually make the effort to get to work early and have to deal with my co-workers. My bosses, I adore. one third of my colleagues...I know what my issues are. And quite honestly, I can understand why they are working here. Yes, we pull a decent cheque. But honestly, I wouldn't hire these guys even in the south. My friend S says to believe people when they tell you who they are. These guys have already told me they are assholes loud and clear.

I must have some karma to pay off, since I end up with these kinds quite a bit. Once again, I am thankful that I have minimal interference.

The next thing was the kids just going utterly ballistic and not wanting to do anything and being just obnoxious and crazy. I cut out one of their kitchen periods because they just weren't behaving properly. I got called a bitch and a ho and had to punish the four people actually working. I hate doing the all or nothing thing. But I was just like "This is retarded! We haven't seen each other for like three days and we are all acting like we're insane! WTF?"

So I had to pull some out and we got some baking done. I rewarded the two boys that hadn't made a peep by giving them the leftover pizza from last week. They seemed happy. I guess I kind of get irked with the other boys because these two are smaller and I don't know how well fed they are and they always get smacked around by the bigger kids. Weird. I have that "I will feed you" gene working overtime here. I guess it's all the baking and stuff we are doing.

So that made me kind of be like "Okay. It's worth it." and this one kid going to me at lunchtime "Ah! Teacher! What are you doing outside of school! Bonjour!!" I was like "WHUT?" And told him it was kind of random and he was like "That's how I roll."

And I got the clothing that I ordered from Old Navy. I mistook the shading of one of the shirts and it's purple plaid. Bring out the stereotypes! The jeans fit fantastically and the jacket is pretty cute. I am happy with the purchases. Now I have to deposit to the bank of Mom for that and more clothes that are hopefully coming soon. And I am making some headway into the suitcase searching. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the waybill number that I found on one of the boxes matching up. Because the original waybill is buried under a mountain of paper on someone's desk and it will take a while to track it. I get an answer on Friday.

Okay. The day wasn't that bad. But considering I ache and had weird dreams all the weekend, I was a little eerghng. Tomorrow is an easier day and I can get some stuff done on my long to do list. I gotta get the money order cuz my fucking cheques haven't arrived yet and I gotta go to the mayor's office tomorrow. It should be doable.

I've been writing like a fiend lately and I am pleased! I even started another short one yesterday on top of the other stuff I have been writing. I guess I was so unsettled that I needed to write it out somehow. I am hoping to have Chapter 8 done by the end of the week. We'll see.

And yes. I did break down and bought the case of series 25 of the SPs. I just wanted a treat, kind of thing. I am still waiting to see when The 12 inch Ovie and Sid will start being shipped out. I be excited and yes, I know I am too old and too female to be playing with toys...but a girl needs a hobby.

On that note, I am just waiting for the advil to kick in for my sore knee and back and writing at least another page or two before I call it a night. I am beat.

It was just a day...but some parts were just groan worthy.
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So hey, been awhile. Nothing much has changed, to tell the truth. I got back to work on Thursday and I got stuff in the mail from my friend. I've been looking at my Amazon and Old Navy Orders and I'm really crossing my fingers that the stuff arrives here quickly. I broke down and bought socks from the Co-op. They weren't horribly pricey and they were black. Good enough for me, because I think I only have a few pairs left. Yes. My bag is STILL missing. I got some more information and hopefully it can be located sometime soon. Or else they have to replace the fucker and if they give me less than 400$, I will be pissed, because a lot of my t-shirts and hoodies and bras and jeans and nice dresses are there and they cost more than just a couple of hundred dollars.

My knee is still touch and go. I can stand and walk around on it for longer periods of time, but there is still swelling and it feels a bit tight. I am not going cross-country hiking, that's for sure.

I got groceries today and cleaned up the bathroom and hoovered the floor. I'm also moving out of the silly room. The bed in the other room is much more comfortable and there's more closet space. I'm doing it in stages and I just have to move my desk area and the posters and it will be more or less done. I'm not going to overdo it though.

Writing and just hanging out is my main goal for the weekend. And surfing the net, of course. The net is always my friend. LOL. I know there's parties going on, but fuck it. I just want to enjoy my time and not have the same awkward conversations over and over again. I don't drink and I'm sort of awkward because I don't know the undercurrents, so I'm kind of glad to be doing my own thing at the moment, thanks.

Three days of classes next week! Weather permitting, I should be in Kuujjuaq on Friday! I'm so excited because I really want to be part of this program and I want to see my friends again and I'm feeling pretty good and optimistic all in all.


Off day

Sep. 1st, 2010 01:50 pm
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I screwed up my knee jumping from the truck. It's the old injury, but the jumping and being run down (I worked on Sunday, so even though on the calendar it's Wednesday, I felt like it should have been Thursday) and also catching something because I don't have my layering hoodies (yeah, my luggage is still horribly lost. I have almost nearly given up on it, to tell the truth. It also does give me an excuse to buy new hockey hoodies and shirts) so I woke up barely able to walk, exhausted and sniffling.

I called in sick and it was all right, despite feeling fucking guilty about the situation. But considering that I was moving like I was 80, what was the point of coming in and not doing a good job of it? I'm hoping that with the rest I'll be back to near normal tomorrow. I can walk more and even though my knee feels a bit puffy, I can bend it and with a bit more rest, I should be clear-headed for tomorrow.

I'm feeling better now, but I'm sneezing now because of the cold I'm starting to catch. Or maybe it was the exhaustion. I don't know. Either way, it's better that I stay put rather than try to suck it up and make it worse.

I kind of am wondering though why the hell my brain decided that having dreams about Ovechkin and Theodore (Okay, those were kind of nice and sweet, oddly enough) and then me having a relationship with Patrick Kane would be appropriate when I'm not feeling 100%. I woke up and was like "What the hell?"

Yeah, that was my excitement when I woke up this morning. Fun times.

I'm probably going to go to sleep and wish that the order I put in with Old Navy gets here fast. I got a fall coat  (along with jeans and a couple of long sleeved shirts)and here's hoping it comes soon. I'm fucking freezing and my big wool coat kind of seems not to be the right coat for the location.

The other interesting thing is that we're having a wind warning in effect. There's something going on with the systems in the Hudson's Bay, so we are getting 90 kph winds. I am so happy to be indoors at the moment, that's for sure.

Going to nap now.


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